I Got A Fever, TV Series Fever

prison break season 4 poster
It's all begin with The Prison Break Season 4 which I've posted about it before. The series gone to Episode 5: Safe and Sound. Michael and Lincoln make their way to the Treasury Department in search of the next key card holder; an awkward alliance formed by T-Bag at his new job arouses the suspicions of Sucre and Bellick; Wyatt uses his magic touch on Gretchen. Don't forget that Michael Scofield is a Civil Engineer..same as me, LOL.

sarah connor chronicle season 2 posterThen came Terminator: The Sarah Connor's Chronicle. The short first season was put on halt due to the Hollywood's script writer strike on November 5th, 2007 til Feb 12, 2008. The Chronicle is back again and it's up to Episode 3: The Mousetrap..I still can't find a make-up flaw on the Robots a.k.a Cybernatic Organism, even on HD Video format..two thumbs up for the make-up.

fringeJ.J Abrams came with his 4th TV series entitle Fringe. This is a new series, and I hope the storyline will be twisted as much as LOST...

heroes season 3 posterA new addition on my watching list was released last monday, Heroes Season 3: Villains. Excited to know what will happen to Sylar, Peter Petrelli, Hero Nakamura, Claire and others .

supernatural season 4A lil' bit late on Supernatural Season 4..I'm downloading it now :).


  1. hi bintang!! im so happy to see HEROES and SUPERNATURAL here. These two is my fave!! :))

  2. Jean Waahh..you pun minat Heroes & Supernatural. I thought your fave TV series only Gossip Girls and SATC. So, have you watch the latest episode?

  3. Believe it or not, I am currently watching all of these TV series. Plus, House season 5, 90210, Gossip Girl, Privileged, Chuck Season 2, How I meet Your Mother season 4 and I am waiting for Dexter Season 3!

    Hehe.. And how am I to complain that my 24 hours per day time is not enough? Huhuu

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