Prison Break Season 4 : Scylla

I'm so excited to watch further on this new series. Michael Scoffield and his gang Lincoln, Mahone, Bellick, Sarah and Sucre on a new mission finding a way to get the Scylla black book and then break into Company headquarters in order to download the info and bring down the Company. And this time, they're on the right side of the law. Thanks to the world wide web, mainly on file sharing site that's made me able to watch a US new release tv shows. It's one or two day late, but it's better than waiting my country broadcasting channel that will take up to a year (maybe longer) to broadcast the show. More interesting is, I can watch it in 720p format or 1280 x 720 HDTV screen resolution. Don't think this HD channel will be available in my country for next 5 years.

wentworth millerLove to see those face again :)

michael scoffieldI'm right from the beginning, Dr. Sarah is not dead.

prison break season 4It's time to retaliate


  1. hi bintang! i haven't watch Prison break before but heard it was good. :)

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  2. Pok Dell
    Lama tak dgr citer..long time no see..weii bagi aku Prison Break Seoson 4 episode 1..aku memang follower citer since seaseon 1 lagi..

  3. wei aku dah tgk sampai episode 8..memang best kali ni..company dah goyang kali ni,..


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