My New Project Site

It's a new project site again and it's my sixth projects. This time I'm assigned to Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan project site. It's located 100km away from my home and takes two hours driving time. If you're familiar with Google Earth, you'll find the location of this town at bearing 2°44’00.10’’N , 102°15’00.17’’E. I've never step my foot in Kuala Pilah before and I can't imagine how I may live in this small town with a bad broadband connection for another 30 months. Urghh! I really felt like I'm living in the 80's.

This time, I'm building a nursing college, a Kuala Pilah Nursing College. Generally, this project is to replace the existing old nursing college that was build during the colonial era sometimes in 1930's. All of the existing buildings will be demolish and replace with a new modern building. And we are at that demolishing stage right now. I'll share a journey of this project with you all progressively. If I could find the time..tsk.

Demolished Mosque
An old Surau (muslim's place to perform a prayer) partially demolished

Demolishing works
A far view of the project site that I've messed it up with HDR process


  1. wow what a massive project. Are you a builder bintang/Architect/engineer/...I've never thought to ask.

    I do feel for you on the connection. I am on satellite and compared to cable it's like comparing crawling to running.

    That's why it's nearly impossible for me to drop 300 cards a day. I simply don't have the speed. and if I do go ahead and take the entire day...hour after hour...to do 300....then I will break our so called "Fair Usage policy" and get shut down for a while.

    But, I try my best to get as many as I can done.

    Good luck...wow 3 years is a long time!!:-)

  2. Ha! I just read your profile and found you are an engineer. Now I know!

    happy day:-)

  3. Shinade:
    LOL!!! I thought you've read my profile earlier.
    Now I'm using a wireless broadband, it doesn't have a "Fair Usage Policy" like yours, but the connection are very slow, it's like i'm using the old dial-up connection.
    Maybe a mountains and jungle surrounding this are have block some signal..

  4. nice project... hope u finished

  5. Good luck bintang for the project that you have. TC my friend.

  6. That slow internet connection is going to be hard to get used to. Well at least you'll be able to connect to the internet, can you imagine if there is no connection at all?

  7. Free Web
    I hope so..

    Thanks Gen..

    Oh! Babette,
    I'll be dead by now, if there is no internet connection :)

  8. Selamat menjalan kan tugas & I hope you enjoy at your new work place.

  9. makahai... nanti aku anto laa DVD ko tue. kalo ko ade umah sms laa aku. aku sms pon ko tak nk reply. hampeh tol

  10. Wow seems like your handling a big project and it seems you are doing a great Job. I know that the result will be great.

  11. hi bintang, you've just been tagged on Have You Ever Tag! Come & join the fun, k! :)

  12. Good luck with the new project..so are you living there temporarily or doing the journey everyday?

  13. Eh tapi music 80s best kan? He he he!!! :)

  14. uncleawang:
    I hope so..thanks :)

    Sejak bila pulak ko pandai leave comment kat sini...lol!!!

    Jean Chia:
    Thanks for the tag, I'll do it when I get a good internet connection or when I'm home.

  15. angela:
    The journey cost are too high, so I'm staying there during a weekday (house provided by the company) and went home on a weekend.

    80's music memang best..
    But the living style cannot la same as 80's..
    Nanti brain jadi lembap la...

  16. hello Bintang! wow 30 months in KP?! well, at least you can go home during the weekends ;-)
    GOOD LUCK with your new project!!!

  17. I had the same as Shinade. I though you just shoot good photos and you're really an engineer. Connecting hobby with a work - nice


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