Jan 2009 EC Top Dropper & Top Commenters

And here we go again..my Top 10 EC Dropper for January 2009...

400 EC went to each of their account

And my Top 5 Commenters for January 2009 are...

Kuching Daily Photo by Awang

500 EC went to each of them...
except Kuching Daily Photo which is not an Entrecard members, how unlucky ;)

keep dropping and commenting :)


  1. Yeeha FC! Aiyo so hard to get in ur TD list ni, am sure I dropped every day, ada miss ke? ;)

  2. Lucky still mengekalkan takhta phew!! Kena kerja keras lagi looks like it lolz! ;)

  3. Congrats to all winners YAY! We will meet here again next month, same place, same time? ;)

  4. Bintang, forgot to tell u! U sikit lagi jadi TD kat both my blogs la!! Good news is that, u are my TD at MPG!!! Nanti I put ur avatar in my sidebar after this YAY! :):):)

  5. Mengekalkan takhta TC that is ha ha! :)

  6. Mariuca:
    As you can see on my rightest sidebar, you're slipping to #12..
    I can't go for Top 15 as I already done a stock clearance on Dec...lol!!!

    On a TC part..you're in a very comfortable zone, but watch out for LJ, she's a good contender..mwahaha.

  7. hahahah.. yes I am Bintang...lol.. watch out GP!! lol!!

  8. Oh thanks for points Bintang.. hey one question..how do i get my avatar to appear here eh?? jelous see GP's pretty face lah...lol!

  9. Ladyjava:
    Supposed it'll link to MyBlogLog avatar.
    Dunno why your avatar doesn't appear.
    Try sign-in to MBL first, then leave a comment here..

  10. I am logged in Bintang.. oh well.. takper lah :)

  11. LadyJava:
    Hmmm...I'll try to find out what went wrong..
    My html code jumble up already..
    Maybe I need to do a blog makeover from yours someday ;)

  12. Wohhoott. that would be awesome Bintang.. I'll be waiting..lol!!

    Ok.. let me know what went wrong... perhaps it's my MBL kot..

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Thank you bintang for the kindness heheh. Nice thanks for the EC credits.

  15. I try to register myblog with entrecard someday.
    Thanks & have a nice day.

  16. Thank you so much for the credits and the link love. Both are very much appreciated.
    Have a wonderful week! Take care and again thanks so much!

  17. Yeheyyy.. I made it to your top 10 list again.. And thanks so much for the EC credits ;)

    I hope I can make it again next month

  18. YAY!!! Thanks for the EC credits, Bintang! :-D


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