Ruby Tuesday #03


This is the condition of my PC's CPU right now. My red toolbox must be there when I'm repairing my CPU. My broken hard disk is still on top of the casing with a red SATA cable connecting it to a mainboard , all of the useful data have successfully recovered and transferred to my external hard drive (a bulky silver box sit next to it). I will do a proper installation after everything is working smoothly.


  1. Pandainya you repair sendiri, dah completely okay ke? :)

  2. Interesting RT shot! Looks like it's time to buy a Mac! Enjoy and hi from California.

  3. laura:
    Can't get a good sleep when have a broken PC ;)

  4. Mariuca:
    Try and error jer...
    Now it's completely okay with a new fresh copy of Window Vista Ultimate 64bit and protected by Kaspersky Internet Security 2009...yaaay!!!

  5. Linnea W:
    Hi! Linnea..
    If it's Mac, I be dead already...hahahaa

  6. Hi!
    I've seen lots of those! My son works on computers. He takes them apart and puts them back together. They come to him very sick. It always amazes me he that he can do this! Have a great day! Hope you computer is feeling better soon.


  7. I crashed my desktop and now have to use my son's laptop. :(

  8. you fix it yourself? *thumbs up*

  9. kudos to you!!

    I changed keyboards and dusted out the back this week and almost had a nervous breakdown ;)

  10. Fixing ur own laptop or pc will definitely save u money..I am trying also to fix my own laptop since taking it to the technician cost lots of money :D

    I started following your blog in bloggers account. Hope u can follow mine too.

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