My World: My Hometown

Kg. Taman Sedia #1
Kg. Taman Sedia: A view from a lower ground

Kg. Taman Sedia
Kg. Taman Sedia: A view from a higher ground

This is my first entry in another interesting and fun meme: My World Tuesday ...I'm begin with my hometown, a place where I've been born and raised. It's called Kampung Taman Sedia (Village of a ready garden - literally translate). Located in a district of Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia. It's the only Malay village in Cameron Highlands and there are 42 neighbors there. You can find a lots of place to stay here, as most of the neighbors provide a homestay (and that's include my dad & mom's house) with a reasonable price ...way cheaper than the glamor hotel and chalet at Cameron Highlands..and if you planning to have a vacation over there, don't forget to cantact me..lol!
Another view of Kampung Taman Sedia can be found on my previous post on Skywatch Friday & Wordless Wednesday

Location Map


  1. I guess your home time is beautiful with green & hill of country site view..wow!!! i love the fresh air of country site.
    You have a beautiful home town.

  2. Very beautiful shot, the blue sky goes great with the orange roofs.

    - Evan

  3. Oh very beautiful scenery. I have been to Cameron Highlands three times during my childhood and teenage time but I heard there are many changes now. I love the coldness there and scenery but hated the bus trip up cause I vomit all the way during my three times trip there because of the winding road...lol.

  4. uncleawang:
    I've to leave it behind and live in this dusty & hectic Klang valley..hehehe

  5. what a beautiful entry, Welcome to My world.
    My World

  6. Evan Johnson:
    Thanks. I'm glad you like it :)

  7. alicesg:
    Haha..vomiting in the journey up there, that's the thrill ;). I can see a lots of Singaporean buy a property here. Infact, one of my neighbors have sold his land to a Singaporean.

  8. Oh wow.. you have a great place! That is such a pretty sight!

    If you have time, please have a look of my world here.

  9. I hadn't seen this part of Malaysia before, I believe its much cooler in the Highlands, But still a beautiful green place by looks.

  10. Beautiful colors, thanks so much for sharing this with us.

    Regina In Pictures

  11. Wah.. so pretty... if I join this meme... all you see would be flats and tall building...lol!!

  12. We have been to Penag, but always thought the Cameron Highlands were on the mainland side. Beautiful place to live.

  13. Looks like a fun place ... good blend of nature on the outskirts and town in the middle.

  14. hi and welcome. your hometown is beautiful. thank you for introducing us to your part of the world.
    have a good week.


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