Useful Software: Image Comparer ™

When I’m taking a picture, I always take more than two or three shots for the same subject in hope to get one quality photo. It's unwise to select a good photo shot right from the camera lcd, so I uploaded it to a computer and select the best shot from there. It became a problem, when there are too many similar photos uploaded on the same folder and it confusing me.

Luckily, duplicate image finder software helps me to ease my job to remove the unwanted photos, a photo that have a difficult lighting and exposure problems, camera shake, digital noise etc. This software doing some image compare by automatically analyze digital image and selects the best shot out of the many duplicates or similar photo images. Image Comparer ™ uses a content-based image search also known as content based image retrieval (CBIR). This allows the program to search images by visual similarity.

From the generated results, I can view the photo in pairs or see the top ten similar images so that I can select it and keep the best one only. Then, I can easily remove or delete a remaining unwanted photo. Less duplicate or similar image means less disk space used on my hard disk.


  1. wah sounds like a great software.. freeware ke?

  2. LadyJava :
    It's a 30 days trial-ware.

  3. Hi Bintang,
    Whewwww...I just finished up a huge post. but at the very bottom of it I have something for you.


    It's totally hassle free and work free. It'as just me saying thank you.

  4. Shinade:
    Thank you very-very-very much for the prestigious award :)


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