Passion Fruit

Passiflora edulis or passion fruit is a plant cultivated commercially in frost-free areas, and healthily grows in Cameron Highlands. Locally, this sourly taste fruits are called as "Buah Cinta". Usually you can get this fruits at RM1 for 5. I don't know the history why the named it as Passion Fruit. From wiki; Its a native to South America and maybe we can get some info from a people there on why they named this fruit as Passion Fruit :).

Fresh Passion Fruit is known to be high in vitamin A, Potassium and dietary fibre. Passion fruit is widely employed by herbalists and natural health practitioners around the world today for its sedative, nervine, anti-spasmodic and analgesic effects.

• Relieve pain

• Reduce anxiety

• Relieves depression

• Reduces inflammation

• Tranquilizes

• Enhances libido

• Reduces spasms

• Diuretic

• Urinary infections *

How to Use

The yellow, gelatinous pulp inside the fruit is eaten out of hand, as well as mixed with water and sugar to make drinks, sherbet, jams and jellies, and even salad dressings. Indigenous tribes throughout the Amazon have long used passionflower leaves for its sedative and pain-relieving properties; the fruit is used as a heart tonic and to calm coughs.
Source: Ultra exotic


  1. we used to make passion fruit juice. have u tried it? it's yummy!

  2. I never heard this food! haha.. Seriously! Sedap k?

  3. lynn:
    I don't really like this fruit and never try it juice. But I do like passion fruit jam. Home cook by my mom :)

    It's delicious when eat with asam boi. Kat CH jer ada kot..

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this information with us on the Passion Fruit. I don't think I've ever tried this. It sure is a pretty fruit and it has many health benefits for us all. Take care and have a nice day! :-)

  5. I love passion fruit juice but had never seen the actual fruit. Great post!

  6. I have only tried the juice when it has been used to mix with other juices or drinks.

    But I have never actually seen the fruit itself.

    Thanks for another wonderful photo and also for the information!

  7. I love passion fruit. We call it in Argentina "Maracuyá", as in Brazil. But here, is very rare...

  8. never heard of this but it sure looks delicious. hope to get one here (Philippines) in the future :)

  9. This fruit is widely grown in Benguet (Cordillera, Philippines). You can find them sold at the Baguio City market. It is actually quite sweet not sour.

  10. Maybe the soil that made it taste different :)


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