Photohunt 129: View

buckingham palace frontphotohuntPhotohunt theme for this week is "view".
Main Entry: view
Middle English vewe, vyewe, from Anglo-French, from feminine of veu, viewe, past participle of veer to see, from Latin vidēre — more at wit
14th century

1: extent or range of vision : sight {tried to keep the ship in view} {sat high in the bleachers to get a good view}
2: the act of seeing or examining : inspection ; also : survey {a view of English literature}
3 a: a mode or manner of looking at or regarding something b: an opinion or judgment colored by the feeling or bias of its holder {in my view the plan will fail}
4: scene , prospect {the lovely view from the balcony}
5: the foreseeable future
6: a pictorial representation

But I'm just giving you a photo of a viewer. So we are viewing a viewer..LOL...
Actually you can find a photo view from my previous post, A Few Snapshot From St. James Park..it's about five minutes walking distance from the above picture.

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Actually they are waiting to view this Buckingham Palace's Guard Changing ceremony, not waiting for a bus,lol..


  1. That is pretty view my friend. Happy weekend.

  2. So many people around the monument! Tourists?

  3. eastcoastlife: They are indeed a tourist, waiting to see a guard of Buckingham Palace marching infront of them.

  4. So you are saying a lot of people are veiwing... Interesting Photo!

  5. I love old school architecture. Very pretty!

  6. Ah the changing of teh guard. That explains the crowd . Great shot. Happy weekend

  7. Tourists!

    what a nice interpretation of the theme! a viewer (you) viewing the viewers (the crowd!) LOL!

    Happy weekend!

  8. Pretty view!!!!

    Mine's up, it's a Cat's Eye View of fun.

    Happy Hunting.

  9. Viewing the viewers hehe... that's pretty clever!

  10. They look like they are all gathered waiting for a bus. But you have to admit that is one heck of a bus stop.

    Great view!


  11. We were just there last month... thanks for bringing back great memories!

  12. baker: I can't stop laughing, lol.

    bonggamom: It's a great place to be..

  13. I thought it was a reunion of some sort. They are sure lined up nicely to get their picture taken.

  14. Well, they are viewing something beautiful for sure. :)
    Here's my view.

  15. Shouln't you also join SlogBite in the "Photography" category??

  16. slogbite: I'll doing that rightaway sir ;)

  17. i thot that park is in malaysia which for a second left me thinking how come i didn't know of such a nice place? LOL! i asked my wife, too, and she doesn't know. uh-oh... so, that's in London!

    nice capture, bintang!

    btw: my father is going back to malaysia today after a month-long vacation... we both are audio-video/home electronics geeks... like u!

  18. Salam bintang! I have seen you around and decided to stop in and say hello.

    Saya was away for 5 months san have forgotten much of my Mele that saya was learning.

    Sila, forgive me for any mistakes here. Saya will have to get my list out and start all over.

    Juga, love your blog and will favor you now.

    Terima Kasih for dropping in on me.

  19. Juga, saya added you to my blogroll. I love photography!!

    have a great week!!:-)

  20. shinade: Selamat datang!!...I'm touched with your effort in using a Malay language.
    Hope you'll recall this phrase:
    Awak apa kabar? - (how are you) ;)

    About the blogroll, your lovely badge already on my sidebar..

    Have a sweet day!!!

  21. Salam Bintang! Awak apa kabar? Terima kasih for this new lesson.

    Juga, terima kasih for the add. Saya think awak should add yourself in the photography category juga!!

    Terima kasih dan salam!!:-)

    I am so excited that awak thought me worthy of the add. thank you very much.

    Hope you have a grand week:-)))

  22. Hola Bintang, please awak do not worry. Saya just pleased to have awak as new friend.

    I am working with some one right now trying to get a new lay out that will load much easier.

    I hope your holidays went very well!!


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