My Amateur Photograph

A photo taken using my cheap digital camera Canon Powershot A400 3.2 Megapixel..LOL.

During my visit to London City on December 2006….

I always sing a London Bridge is falling down song when I was a child, and my 1st thing to do when visiting London is to take a picture of the London Bridge by myself:

A second photo to be capture of cause a Big Ben...

A beautiful scenery of a London Eye at a distance....

Peace and tranquility at a Kensington park and lake...

And also i like to share more stunning picture from my friends site Pho-Tog B-Log


  1. Commendation for you! these photos dont look like amateurs.. I think the're quite really good photos artictically taken.. :)

  2. Thanks for your comment...but for me, as long as I'm using a cheap free focus camera, I'm still an amateur..p/s: I don't know how to use a manual focus camera...LOL

  3. Awesome photographs , you have taken good photos of London


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