Mother’s Day


A 'Mother' is that special creation of the Almighty God whom He has gifted with the unique power of giving life to a living being. No one can repay the debt of a mother. But we can certainly honor our mothers and bring smile on their faces by celebrating the special Mother's Day.

After all Mother's Day is the day devoted to all the mothers in the world. And hence it is the perfect time when we can express our tender love and care for our mothers, for their friendly gestures and warm hugs that they have showered upon us.

Mother's Day is celeb
rated throughout the world in order to honor the Mothers. Although the dates and months of celebrating this day might differ from country to country, still the occasion holds equally great significance for each one.

Mothers Day Date in the Malaysia

In the Malaysia, Mother's Day is celebrated on 10th May every year.

"For the hands that rock the cradle,
Is the hand that rul
es the world."

~ W R Wallace


The 'Mother's Day' was first proclaimed in 1870 in the United States. And it was Julia Ward Howe who proclaimed the same in Boston. Howe also called for it to be observed each year at the national level in 1872. In fact the original idea behind Howe's "Mother's Day" was a call for Pacifism and disarmament by all the women. Women's peace groups mostly marked early "Mother's Day". At the early times it was a common activity to have the meeting of groups of mothers. And in such meetings those mothers were supposed to participate whose sons had fought or died on opposite sides of the American Civil War.

Later Anna Jarvis in G
rafton, West Virginia, to commemorate the anniversary of her mother's death two years earlier on May 9, 1905, first celebrated Mother's Day in 1907 in a small private way. Jarvis's mother, whose name was also 'Anna Jarvis', was an active participant in the Mother's Day campaigns. These Mother's Day campaigns were usually held for the purpose of peace and workers' health and safety measures. Inspired with her mother's death and in order to pay tribute to her the younger Jarvis launched a quest to get wider recognition of Mother's Day.

For this purpose the younger Jarvis organized a grand celebration on May 10, 1908 at the Andrew's Methodist Church in Grafton. This celebration involved around 407 children along with their mothers. This unique campaign in order to get recognition of Mother's Day was financed by a renowned clothing merchant named John Wanamaker.

Gradually in the course
of time as the custom of Mother's Day celebration spread, its focus shifted from the pacifisms and reform movements to a general appreciation, admiration and honoring of mothers.

It was in 1910 by West Virginia that this holiday got
first official recognition.

Later on May 14, 1914 the U.S. president Woodrow Wilson signed the proclamation that designated the second Sunday in May as the Mother's Day.

There is an interesting tradition related to Mother's Day celebration, which calls for the wearing of carnations on this day. So on the Mother's Day people wear two types of carnations. And they separately represent the following…

Red - In case one's mother is alive.
White - In case one's mother is dead.

"The future destiny of the child is always the work of the mother."

~ Napoleon Bonaparte

"Youth fades; love droops; the leaves of friendship fall; A mother's secret love outlives them all."

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


  1. mother is the best personality in the world.happy mother day.

  2. Though abounding cultures accept paid admiration to their changeable parents through the centuries, Mother's Day as we apperceive it was the abstraction of Ana Jarvis of Philadelphia.

    oracle certification Says, In 1907, on the additional ceremony of her mother's death, she launched a civic attack to acknowledge the additional Sunday of May a civic anniversary adherent to mothers everywhere. She succeeded. By 1911, about every accompaniment in the Union was adulatory Mother's Day. Three years after it became a civic holiday. by vmware training and adobe training

  3. For many, Mother’s Day can be so painful that we do all we can to avoid it. That avoidance is part of grief, and it’s necessary for a while. Grief is like a good soldier, but there comes a time when you say “Thank you, you’ve served me well,” and you let that soldier be released from duty.

  4. Mother is the personality to whom we all love very much but she loves us more than us, ever.


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