Music Monday: Hurry Up by Che'nelle

Che'nelle or Cheryline Lim, she's a Malaysian, born in Kota Kinabalu Sabah, who live abroad. Released her first album "Things Happen for a Reason" on September 25, 2007 in Japan and October 29, 2007 in Australia. You can find more about her biography on her's official myspace. This song must be on my playlist while I'm driving. Especially while I'm driving to my work place.

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  1. All the Sabahans were so excited about her when she first came out. Even my dad who well, doesn't quite listen to music like this was playing her songs! Hehehe

  2. Never heard of her before, but I like it! Great beat...get up and dance :)

  3. Kudos to her for living out her dreams.. Yeah, when she first shot to fame, practically all Sabahans couldn't wait to claim her! LOL!

  4. Rozella:
    Hahaa..that's a true "Malaysia Boleh" spirit.

    That's why I give her a free publicity here..lol!

  5. another lass with great talent!

  6. Wah .. sabahan? really?!! Awesome.. Malaysia Boleh!!!

  7. Alamak Bintang.. what is this link linking to MM?? takut nya!.. oh tidak! macam mana nak improve PR ni...:(

  8. LadyJava:
    Oh! Those spammers..
    Don't know who put it there.
    Now don't have no more :)
    Backlinking is disable..

  9. Awesome, mmg Malaysia boleh he he!


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