Too Good To Be True

Got this e-mail today:

Click for a larger view...

It say;
The Paypal Payback raffle draw conducted in December 2008, the results have just been released today. And we wish to announce to you that you have been selected as one of the lucky winners of Paypal Lottery with a Ticket No: ES-0543901X, making you the winner of the total Prize of €750,520 Euros. PayPal Lottery Prizes is a yearly Donation-based raffle draw conducted by PayPal Europe, Candidates are draw from paypal customers and credit cards holder issued by various credit cards company supporting paypal payment.

All candidates are then assign to a unique raffle tickets, Batch and references numbers ahead of the draw. Your winning number are BATCH: PP-1045-45, REF: PP-3873-ES.
I think it just another typical scam..


  1. This is scam & just ignore the e-mail.You are not the first person to get this spam mail.Be carefull OK.

  2. For a moment there I was like wah wah Bintang OKB! He he! Hepi weekend! :):):)

  3. indeed this is a scam. a friend of mine got an email exactly like this a few months back. how we wish this is really true. LOL.

  4. haha! I also received the same thing!

  5. uncleawang:
    I think this scammers aren't smart enough, they should insert some of the paypal logo to make it more genuine..lol

    If it's true, for sure I rewards my TD & TC with a lot of Euros.. ;)

  6. I wonder how many people will fall for that scam. I've got one too. Looks like Nigerian coal scam.


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