Music Monday: La Isla Bonita

I guess everybody know La Isla Bonita. Originally sang by Madonna in her third studio album, True Blue released on February 25, 1987. Since she's become a senior citizen nowadays, it's better to see a young and lovely Alizee singing this song.

La Isla Bonita - lyrics

Last night I dreamt of san pedro
Just like I'd never gone, I knew the song
A young girl with eyes like the desert
It all seems like yesterday, not far away


Tropical the island breeze
All of nature wild and free
This is where I long to be
La isla bonita
And when the samba played
The sun would set so high
Ring through my ears and sting my eyes
Your spanish lullaby

I fell in love with san pedro
Warm wind carried on the sea, he called to me
Te dijo te amo
I prayed that the days would last
They went so fast


I want to be where the sun warms the sky
When its time for siesta you can watch them go by
Beautiful faces, no cares in this world
Where a girl loves a boy, and a boy loves a girl

Last night I dreamt of san pedro
It all seems like yesterday, not far away

(chorus twice)

The Spanish lullaby, the Spanish lullaby

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  1. Ha ha senior citizen je u tak suka la tu! ;)

    I love this song, this is def one of my faves from Madonna! :):):)

  2. Of course I know it. She does a great interpretation! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. My favorite

    A hit by by MAdonna

  4. Maybe Madonna can sing AARP commercials...

  5. Dwacon:
    HAHAHA...that's a very good suggestion


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