Introducing my new Photo Gallery

Finally I've managed to set this gallery up. It took me almost a week to have it run properly. The original script were written in German, I must say "danke" to Frank at bueltge.de for this wonderful script. With my limited knowledge on php, I have to tweak it here and there, so that there are no German words visible and the Exif data information are display in a properly manner.

Why I'm not using a services like Flickr, Deviantart, PictureSocial, etc. etc. ?
The answer is simple. It's my image, I like a full control of it. No restriction, no limitation, no quota and it's under my own domain name.

So, welcome to my Unbiased Exposure, it's a photo gallery and you'll find only a plain photo and the exif data. No mumbling rambling ;)

If you just hate a dark black color, just click the white.black styleswitcher on the right sidebar. It'll give you a bright white color.

Now, the only thing I need is a 125x125 banner ad. I'll be looking at Ladyjava's Lounge, hope she'll give me a good discount for upcoming Eid'ul Adha celebration..lol!!!!


  1. congratulation..but the photo quiet slow to load..don't know if my line slow...:)..anyway nice photo gallery...i like it..

  2. azlan:
    It load quite fast at my end.
    I think I need to install ws-super cache then...
    Thanks for the feedback mate ;)

  3. Awesome new blog Bintang!!.. I especially the picture and the blog design esp love the colour change feature.. I wonder if we can do for blogspot!! Interesting.. something to explore..hehe..

    I look forward to working with you ya.. I've already sent a return email to you and now waiting for your reply :)

  4. LadyJava:
    Glad you like it.
    About the styleswitcher, some php file need to be upload to a server..I'm not sure if it's
    doable to a blogspot platform.
    I'm running it on wordpress.

    Pls check you e-mail and paypal too :).
    Love to see the outcome.

  5. The gallery is fast loading. Nice man. Love it :)

    How much LJ charge you? hehehe

  6. bluecrsytaldude:
    I can't reveal the price...those are TOS from LJ..lol!!!

  7. Wah wah sibuk bukak gallery ye? Congrats Bintang and great move on getting LJL to help u out, have fun! :):):)

  8. Mariuca:
    Wow..weee..it's almost 4am..and you still not going to bed..

    Tak la sibuk sangat..setakat visiting Mariuca & MPG tu sempat lagi la..hehehee

    That's right, LJL doing a job very fast..even her's lappy need a treatment..

  9. I really like the new blog! I've wanted to do something like that my self. The photos stand out so much more when alone.


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