25,000 EC Transfer Limit Per Week For A Limited Time

This is a good news. Graham at Entrecard have lifted EC transfer limit to 25,000 per week. I hope this new limit will apply at least until the end of this month. So that I can easily transfer 5000EC (without a coordination with Entrecard personnel) to a First Prize winner of Mommyko Christmas Giveaways that will be announce on December 24th.

Also, I've lifted my list of monthly Top Entrecard Dropper (placed on the right sidebar) from 10 to 15 and will allocate and distribute around 10,000EC for whose on the list. This is like a year end sale..LOL!!!

Empty Seat


  1. Wah.. That's lots of EC credits to be won. Hehe.. I already start my new semester. I may be missing for few days. Huhu

  2. LadyJava:
    Pantang dengar pasal sale..suka sangat dia ;P

  3. bluecrystaldude:
    During my study time..I always love a new semester..
    You know, the freshies and the orientation..hehee


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