Wordless Wednesday #5

En route to EPL 2008/09 champion ;)

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  1. I think Arsenal will DO IT this season

  2. Wah! Liverpool fan ke? Same like my hubby yay! :)

  3. bonoriau:
    Pak Bono, Arsenal should TRY HARDER ;)

  4. mariuca:
    How's your B doing, hope he'll be just fine..
    And yay, "you'll never walk alone".

  5. Good Luck to Liverpool :)
    MU MU...i'm MU Fan...hehehh

  6. azlan:
    MU have lost it's sting this season ;)

  7. Well I don't know a thing about Soccer...I mean football to the rest of the world.

    As you know here in America our football is a completely different game.

    For us this is known as soccer. and I have no clue about any of it.

    But, if you are for this team then so am I!!

    It's also a very good and clear shot Bintang.

    And yes I am getting a little better with my camera.

    I discovered why I wasn't able to get good shots from a distance.

    LongShot was disabled on my zoom. so I enabled it.

    Now I have to change lenses to get a close up.

    Thanks for stopping by Bintang. Now I am going to have a peek at your other blog!!:-)

  8. shinade:
    Soccer vs Football..I still confuse on this two words.. ;)

    I'm glad that you've learned a lot on your new Rebel..

  9. I like Liverpool though dont ask me why.. I just do..lol..:)

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