Thacash.com Lucky Draw: I'm The Winner!!!

On Nov 2nd, after finished watching my recently downloaded movie "Get Smart". I'm checking my mailbox. And found there is only one new mail. It's from hoto at Thacash.com telling me that I've won his 20,000EC Lucky Draw. Hope you still remember my simple and short post about the contest titled 20,000EC at Thacash.com that I've posted on Oct 20th? I'm quite surprise to hear about this winning. Then I reply to hoto at Thacash.com e-mail saying that I'll post about this winning when I've received that Entrecard Credit.

Today, as per usual, I woke up at 6 am and turn on my pc and checking my e-mail. Found an e-mail from Entrecard with a subject "You have been sent 20000 Entrecard credits".. Felt like I wanna jump and clapping my feet to received such a huge amount of EC.

It's a huge amount of EC you know..it takes 66 days of dropping to accumulate that 20,000EC. And it's worth USD120 with current Entrecard economy rates. Now I can make a down payment for a car displayed at Thacash.com header..LOL.

Click on this image to visit Thacash.com
Thanks hoto for this great winning prize and also thanks to Robin at Healthy Living (I'll sent you 1000EC when my transfer limit reset )


  1. Oh my goodness Bintang...WoWeee this is fantastic!! You can advertise every where.

    I am so happy for you!!:-)))

  2. shinade:
    That's right Jackie.
    Of course some part of it I'll reserve for advertise on your site :)

  3. Thank you for stopping by my little blog.... Peace is important always.... this is one day bloggers can make a loud statement ....

    Congratulations on your win! Way to go!


  4. wow that is a huge prize, can you share for my incoming Christmas giveaways i am hosting one. You can give whatever you want to give because Rose of EC will be in charge for that. hahah if you want to only. Contact me if interested....thanks in advance :)

  5. Wah... congrats Bintang!!.. that is a huge amount...

    Have a great weekend!!

  6. ladyjaya:
    Errr...do you accept EC for blog makeover ;)

  7. Opps.. sorry bintang...nope dearie..

  8. Congratulations, Bintang! That is simply great! Share your blessing...LOL

  9. Hi Bintang,
    Congratulations! I am so happy and proud of you for entering this wonderful contest. Thank you so much for sharing your Blessings with me. You have a kind heart. God Bless! :-)


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