Wordless Wednesday #2

Roman Pillar at Night

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  1. One day I will build my house just like this one. Classical beauty architecture :)

  2. To have a house with Roman pillars in Singapore is going to be extremely expensive! :)

    They would look awesome.

    Thanks for commenting at my blog. I apologise for not returning comments as I was caught up in work I'll try to comment here often. Cheers!

  3. bintang it must be nice to have traveled to Rome.

    Oh my what a wonderful spot to take pictures.

    I love the glow of the lights spilling out of the windows.

    And I don't have my camera yet. We looked at them online. but, I want to go to the store and hold one and make sure it is a good fit for me.

    If it is then it is the one I want. We were looking at the CanonXi...I think that was the one.

    you can purchase it with at least one interchangeable lens, batteries, a tripod, and of course a hand little case for toting the accessories.

    I wasn't expecting all of that but my husband was a photographer in his early years.

    He even developed his own black and whites.

    and he said if I was going to get it I would need all of things that go with it.

    Lucky me...I am spoiled.

    This is a great shot bintang....very romantic and fanciful. It sets one's mind to dreaming of far away places.

    Thanks for dropping by to see mine.

    Happy WW:-)

  4. nice shot. Where was it taken?

  5. bluecrystaldude:
    You have to be a multi-millionaire to built a house with this architectural features

  6. eastcoastlife:
    I think a roman pillar will become cheap when you have LG 60" Full HD 1080P Plasma TV in your house, does it?

  7. shinade & nicktay:
    This one was shot on Oxford Street London. I still don't have an opportunity to travel to Rome yet.

  8. For some reason it made me think of Gotham City in Batman. Great photo! :)

  9. What an awesome picture! Happy WW!

  10. Excellent shot Bintang, love this one! I see it was taken in London, I love London! I wish to go there right now! :):):)


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