My Old Shirt

I’ve kept this shirt for almost 15 years now. Bought it in 1993 when I was form four at Abdul Rahman Talib Secondary School, Kuantan also known as SMART. It’s an official shirt for our school Rugby team which we called “Rough Angel Rugby Football Union”. We are on top of our league at that time and managed to beat our arch rivals team, Sultan Ahmad Shah Secondary School a.k.a SEMSAS . SEMSAS team was like a giant in a rugby sport at that time, they were like a Manchester United in English Premier League, so hard to beat.

This T-shirt was design by Zahir, our talented artist and also a smallest rugby player. It was inspired by Eddie, a mascot for Iron Maiden, a British Heavy Metal band. We play rough, and listen to a rough music, used a lot of rough paper to solve the additional math equation too..It’s hard to order a custom shirt at that time; there are no internet and no online shop.

As you can see, there are 21 names on this shirt; twenty are my team members and one is our coach Mr. Roslan. This shirt was printed only for 21 units, and I bet mine is the only one left. There are strong bonds of friendship when you play a team sports like rugby. You’ll remember every moment, the game, the tournament, the hardship training, the joyous celebration, the pain, ouch (I've almost broken my left rib). If I can travel through time, I’ll definitely go back to this age. I still keep contact with almost of the team members until today. For other’s whose I've lost contact with, if you happen read this post and might know me (name highlighted with red color) kindly leave a massage or e-mail me :)


  1. I dah follow ur blog dah Bintang, baru je nampak link Follow this blog at ur blog ni! Happy Tuesday! :)

  2. mariuca:
    Wah..awalnyer you start "mendrop". Takut EC outage lagi kot..hehehe

    Tu la pasal..sidebar paling kanan ni load lambat giler. Donno apa yg tak kena. :(

  3. waaa...kenangan tue baju tue..15 tahun simpan..

  4. Wah really nolstagia week lah this week.. I used to remember seeing my brother always drawing iron maiden on his tshirt and his friends.. He's the one with the drawing gift.. me? can't draw to save my life..

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane :)

  5. heheh my hubby is just like that really want to keep things that will last forever hahha. Nice though. Take care.

  6. uiyoh, lamanya simpan - dah tahap antik dah t-shirt tu. Hehehe

  7. lina:
    Tu la pasal..
    Kalau lelong kat e-bay agak2 ada org nak beli tak..hahahaa

  8. aku bole tlg restore balik baju antik yg kau pakai tiap2 hari masa gi kuliah kat kolej tuh!!! siap x basuh takut kaler fade kan??? hak hak hak!!!


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