More Snapshot

I've decided to run a photoblog on a wordpress platform. It's kind of a preparation site for a lots of photo to come. More photo mean less words to use..and it's easier for me to write a post coz' my English sucks big time, LOL. So, I'm welcoming you to my new page More Snapshot . It's not 100% complete yet..some people might call it as a soft launch...100EC waiting for first 5 comments received on my new blog More Snapshot :)


  1. bing:
    Welcome and thanks for leaving your comment here.
    My drop maxxed already ;).
    Will reciprocate back your drop when EC counter is reset..

  2. welcome to wordpress.. :)..it's good u have a dedicated blog for photo..like your new blog...simple

  3. azlan:
    Thanks for visiting my new blog.
    For a time being, I've decided not to put any ads on it..that's make it look simple ;)

  4. great page. I have a photo blog too. It's at http://srikebakat.blogspot.com
    you are welcome.


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