Cooliris are so cool

If you're using Mozilla Firefox browser and one of a photography lover. Cooliris, formerly known as PicLens is a must browser extension to be add-on. I just simply love the cool features of this application.

Look at this sample from Robin's Woods page using Cooliris. It extracted all a picture on a pages/site and converted it to a 3D Wall, which we can easily navigate by pointing a cursor to a photo that we would like to see. With only one click, we have a preview a lots of photo from someone website/blog. This application is useful for a lazy person like me. It save a lot of time.

The pointed photo also come with rss feed and we can simply read a post related to that photo. Clicking the arrow button will bring us right to the articles of the photo.

We can also view in a fullscreen mode, pretty much like a window's photo gallery. No more waiting for the pages to load and we can see more photos from our favorite site, not just only on the front/home page. You'll need to Cooliris enable on your browser first before other's viewer can see your site using Cooliris.


  1. Oh pretty cool Bintang, thanks for the link! And happy weekend! :)

  2. mariuca:
    This app surely work awesomely on your new laptop ;)

  3. You are the second person who recommend me Cooliris. Hehe.. I will definitely check it out later and have my thoughts ;0

    Happy weekend Bintang!

  4. welcome to the world for your new family member! that pic looks so adorable!

  5. informative blog..i downloded the app but didnt got the chance to install yet.

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  6. That's a really cool app. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Its really cool as you described. such a nice comments on it.... Keep going.


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