Pizza Hut delivery are awesome

This evening, there was a heavy rain, so I can't go to Ramadhan bazaar to buy a food for my breakfast at 7:20pm..so I breakfast with a dates and a cup of coffee, have a cigarette then ordering a pizza online...
Here is what you do..

Log in to your account

A confirmation for the delivery address

Select your menu

Select your pizza toppings

Select your add-ons

Verify your order

Select a mode of payment & Submit your order

Save or print the summary of your order

and 30 minutes later... a pizza delivered to you as they promise :)


  1. Pizza Hut has the best pizza. The online ordering this is fun, but it's the pizza that really makes the sale.

  2. You should try Dominos. Their online ordering system has a status bar at the end so you can follow along with the making of the pizza.


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