Photohunt 126: String(s)

There are a weird noise coming from my computer CPU since last weekend. Got a free time today and see what's wrong with it. After opening the CPU cover, I've discovered one of the CPU fan that made the noise and seems its life span has come to end. So I just dismantle the strings that attach to it and unplugged the cable. There are strings of wire in there, and I guess it's perfect for this week theme. I shot it in B&W because I don't want you to see a dust all over the place, lol.

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  1. so did you get a new pc yet? nice bw take on the theme.

  2. I like the black and white effect! perfect for the subject... gives a classic look and feel to the CPU. ;-)

    is the computer fixed now? Happy weekend!


  3. Added my 2 sites to your EC roll! Thank you... :-)

    I collect postcards! I'd love to get one from your country. Won't you send me one? I'll send you one back! thanks! ;-)

  4. i believe ur computer works now :D

    Please drop at my PH post also: in HERE and HERE Thanks

  5. That's some "G" string!! LOL

    My strings are strung and strummed...stop by if you can find time. Happy Hunting!

  6. Wonderful take on the theme. I particularly love the black and white approach. Hope the noise is gone! Mine's up, too!

  7. Ha ha! Black & white to hide the dust! I like it :O)

  8. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em, eh? :-) You never think what's holding it all together. Cool.

    Do stop by when you can -

  9. Neat photo with the b/w.
    We've never seen the innards of our computer. You are brave to go inside!


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