Metallica - death magnetic

Yeaahhh...my fav headbangers band released their new album again...entitle "Metallica: Death Magnetic". I'm a bit old for headbangers, but what the heck..I've grown with their music, listening to Kill 'em All since in a primary school. Solving the calculus and algebra while listening to their music. Yup, heavy metal music help a lots in Mathematical subject, it's make your brain think faster. Ever heard about Adrenaline? This kind of music that pump up your adrenaline, hehee.

VC: The Day That Never Comes

Album Track Listing:

1. That Was Just Your Life
2. End of the Line, The
3. Broken, Beat & Scarred
4. Day That Never Comes, The
5. All Nightmare Long
6. Cyanide
7. Unforgiven III, The
8. Judas Kiss, The
9. Suicide & Redemption
10. My Apocalypse

But still..Ride The Lightning is the best for me...


  1. they arent they same with out Jason

  2. I like the new album! It's much better then St.Anger!

  3. I'm still waiting to buy my copy.Been a metallica fan for years now.Despite all the rave reviews,I'm going to stay quiet on this one till I actually listen to some.St.Anger really disappointed me,so keepingmy fingers crossed :)

  4. yeah I grew up listening to their music. One of the best bands out there! :)

  5. amyoops --> Yes, Jason has his own character in Metallica. But Bass by Rob Trujillo is doing fine.

    bioteck & varun --> St.Anger indeed suck a big time. Luckily they provide a DVD for the whole album :)

    noelevz --> yup, you're right

  6. Metallica - Death Magnetic (2008)

    Track listing

    1. "That Was Just Your Life" 7:08
    2. "The End of the Line" 7:52
    3. "Broken, Beat & Scarred" 6:25
    4. "The Day That Never Comes" 7:56
    5. "All Nightmare Long" 7:57
    6. "Cyanide" 6:39
    7. "The Unforgiven III" 7:46
    8. "The Judas Kiss" 8:00
    9. "Suicide & Redemption" 9:57
    10. "My Apocalypse" 5:01


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    The following was ripped from my own CD, purchased 09-12-08

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    Guitar Hero III verison ripped from the video game

    Track listing

    1. "That Was Just Your Life" 7:06
    2. "The End of the Line" 7:57
    3. "Broken, Beat & Scarred" 6:28
    4. "The Day That Never Comes" 7:55
    5. "All Nightmare Long" 7:55
    6. "Cyanide" 6:36
    7. "The Unforgiven III" 7:47
    8. "The Judas Kiss" 7:58
    9. "Suicide & Redemption" 9:53
    10. "My Apocalypse" 4:57
    11. "Suicide & Redemption" [James Herfield Solo Version][*] 9:52
    12. "Suicide & Redemption" [Kirk Hammett Solo Version][*] 9:53

    mp3@320kbps CBR


    Metallica - Demo Magnetic (2008)

    Track listing

    01. Hi Guy (That Was Just Your Life)
    02. Neinteen (The End Of The Line)
    03. Black Squirrel (Broken, Beaten & Scarred)
    04. Casper (The Day That Never Comes)
    05. Flamingo (All Nightmare Long)
    06. German Soup (Cyanide)
    07. UN3 (The Unforgiven III)
    08. Gymbag (The Judas Kiss)
    09. K2LU (Suicide & Redemption)
    10. Ten (My Apocalypse)

    ripped to mp3@320kbps CBR



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