Supercharge Your Technorati Fanbase

It's time to supercharge your Technorati fanbase. I've found this brilliant idea by Jason Francis Hunter blog. There are already 325 participations when I've found about it. So, if you feel that you aren't satisfied enough with your Technorati fan, I suggest you pay a visit to the site. :)

Technorati favorites link exchange


  1. I will just make mine in a traditional way and see whre does my commenting activity take me. Actually I have to low technorati, which is only 46 and I owe them from my comments... It will be an experiment and I will see how much those authority can go only by my comments. ^_^

  2. I am not sure if I have registered with technrati yet but I will be when I have time give some time to technorati...

    And I will be considering this offer you shared. Thanks.


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