I Do Follow...

Today I have learned how to make my page becomes a "Dofollow" page where all your comment leaved on this page are followed by the search bots.

All Blogger templates have the "Nofollow" attribute built into their comments. This is done to discourage comment spam..

Thanks to the post by Randa Clay with hermovement in helping me to turn off the "Nofollow" attribute by modifying the Blogger template with this simple step:

1) Login to dashboard and click on layouts of your blog.
2) Click on Edit Html subtab of Template tab.
3) Make a backup of your template into your hard drive by clicking on the Download Full Template link.
4) Put a check in the Expand Widgets Template Checkbox at the top of the Edit Template text box. (This expands the Blog Posts Widget Code within which is the comments code).
5) Then scroll down till you come to :

<dl id='comments-block'>
<b:loop values='data:post.comments'var='comment'>
<dt class='comment-author'expr:id='"comment-" + data:comment.id'>
<a expr:name='"comment-" +data:comment.id'/>
<b:if cond='data:comment.authorUrl'>
<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'><data:comment.author/></a>

Delete the words in red in the above code : rel='nofollow' and save the template.

For self-hosted Wordpress platform: Thanks to Mistanars at Makmal Cyber dot com for this guide:

1. Log in to your blog cPanel.
2. Find the File Manager and click.
3. Find in your wordpress blog folder name wp-includes and click.
4. In the wp-includes folder find default-filters.php file, right click then click to edit file.
5. Find this word add_filter(’pre_comment_content’, ‘wp_rel_nofollow’, 15); and delete it all. Don’t forget to save after that.
6. The second change is in comment-template.php. Find comment-template.php file, right click then click edit file.
7. Then find this word nofollow or rel=’external nofollow’ and delete it all. Then, save the changes made.


  1. It's good Karma to remove the "no follow".

    Plus it entices people to stop by and say hi.


    Damien Franco

  2. Hey there! I've removed mine on my blogger blog sometime back and there is indeed an increase in number of comments.

    But it will be great to have commentLuv installed in Blogger... but it's not available for Blogger as yet.

  3. Wow this is a good news for me. Thanks a lot for the post it helps me do mine also. I will delete the no follow tags. Thanks again and come by sometime...

  4. good to know, I am going to change mine now. I am also going to post about this on my site in the upcoming week and will link to your site in my post.


  5. Glad u post this one. I didn't know about this. Anyway, i tried but i can't download the full template. It says error. Maybe u can help me. Or is okay if i just go straight to expand widget templates?

  6. It's just a precaution to download all the template. Of cause you can straight forward remove the rel='nofollow' . Nothing more than that.


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