A precious gift on father's day

Every working day, it is my duty for me to fetch my four years old daughter from her kindergarten nearby. But yesterday is a special day for me and I will always remember it. As soon as we arrived at home, my daughter quickly open her "school" bag and told me to close my eyes. And then she gave me this little beautiful "T-shirt" and ask me to open it, and there is a Happy Father's Day written on it. It was a precious gift from my daughter to me.

For ages, she asking me to find a Kungfu Panda movie on the net so that she can watch it. And today, I need to bring her to watch a Kungfu Panda movie at a cinema nearby, to show my appreciation to her gift. It is almost seven years I didn't went to a cinema....


  1. oh thats so sweet of your daughter. anyways, happy father's day..nvm that it's celebrated on last sunday, worldwide. :)

  2. to being myself a father and waiting for my kids to celebrating father's day will be so wonderful, i think.... but now i am wishing a very happy father's day to my father.


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