Petrol price increased..

With the spirit of "Malaysia Boleh", on June 5th, 2008. A new Malaysian Book of Records was created by our PM and their cabinet members. The highest price increase in petrol and diesel for the country. With 41% price increase for petrol and 63% for diesel.

Petrol : RM2.70
Diesel : RM2.58

Petrol price from RM1.92
Diesel price from RM1.58

Rumors said, this record will be broken sometimes around August 2008 by a same person. Thanks to the "Malaysia Boleh" spirit.


  1. Tentu Boleh...

    SELL YOUR WHEELS and the price will come down... No demand and Price will drop like rock!!

  2. Yes, it is always supply and demand...my hubby is in the oil and we lived in Malaysia before for 3.5 years. I am missing your country a lot.

    It is a pleasure to meet you online.Added u already as "SnapShot" under my Blooming Blogs' list.Thanks a lot for linking with me.Best regards from UK!Have a great weekend!


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