Music Monday: Lover's Tarot by David Lanz

This February, my daughter will turn to five years old. My wife and I have decided to get her a piano lesson at a music class nearby. So that and hopefully she can play a beautiful tune just like this David Lanz's "Lover's Tarot".

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  1. Beautiful piece!! My son will turn 5 too this April. But my son is more interested in playing the guitar because my brother plays it really well.

    Anyways, piano lessons was what I have always wanted to take but were too expensive for my parents to send me to. LOL! And just listening to this piece really makes me wish I could play.

    Hopefully your daughter will learn it well!

    My Sweet Escape
    Never Enough Stuff
    Just Press Play

  2. Lover's Tarot is one of my favorite tracks!

  3. This is a real beautiful piece. :) I wish I took piano lessons when I was younger too. Love music, but have zero music talent!

  4. I know I have heard this song somewhere before, I'm just not sure where, but it is so soothing to the ears, pleasant to listen too... :D

  5. I still can't my finger on where I've heard this song... :) hmm... Anyway, my hubby and I want our kids to also learn how to play the piano, just cause we have a piano and we don't want to waste it... lol... :D but this is totally a great song.. :D

  6. Melodic Masterpiece!!

    Best wishes to your daughter, learning to play the piano is very rewarding ;-)

  7. This is a beautiful piece. The gift of music is precious. starting her with the piano is a great choice, its the root of all instruments and she can expand when ready. :)


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